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Ryan, Reese's, and Ed's John Deere Snowmobiles


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1973 400 500, and 600 Specs

engine                          400                             500/600
manufacturer              ccw                                ccw
model                         kec340/4                        kec440/4
# of cyl.                         2                                       2
bore                           60mm                               68mm
stroke                         60mm                               60mm
displacement             339cc                                436cc
sae j245 hp               27@6500rpm              35@6750rpm
sae j607 hp               28@6500rpm              36@6750rpm
fuel system
carb.mfg.                 walbro                             walbro
carb.model              wda-32                            wda-32
tank cap.                 5.5us gal.                     5.5us gal.
fuel mix                  50:1                               50:1
chassis and body
tunnel+pan            aluminum                      aluminum
hood+console        polyester                   polyester
windshield             polycarbonate           polycarbonate
length                    103.4in                              103.4in
width                      35.5in                                35.5in
height                     44in                                44in
weight                    382                             386/410
type                         bogie                           bogie
#of bogies                 15                                 15
track material          polyurethane         polyurethane
track width               15.5in                      15.5in
power train
trans. type            2-sheave variable  2-sheave variable
mfg                       salabury                    salabury
model                     780                              850
final drive ratio
standard              2.19:1                            2.19:1
optional               2.44:1                            2.44:1
brake                  external band      external band
drive belt            m63911                 m63912
electrical system
plug gap              0.020in                    0.020in
breaker gap      0.014=.002in             0.014=.002in
timing               10btdc                        10btdc
lighting coil      120watt                      120watt
light bulbs
headlight          am52309                    am52309
stop/tail             am52305                    am52305
speedo             at22970                       at22970
tach                  at22970                       at22970
battery              am52050                     am52050