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Trouble Shooting Sled Problems

Here you will find information on how to troubleshoot any problems you may have with your sleds.

Engine starts hard or will not start
  -Fuel tank empty
  -Emergency stop switch in "OFF" position
  -Plugged in-line fuel filter
  -Fuel pump malfunctioning
  -Faulty ignition system
  -Ignition timimg incorrect
  -Idle set to high
Engine lacks power or acceleration
  -Running on one cylinder
  -Throttle cable improperly adjusted
  -Improper Fuel Mixture
  -Carburetor out of adjustment
  -Restricted in-line fuel filter
  -Ignition timing set incorrect
  -Speed limiter system malfunctioning
Engine backfires and runs unevely
  -Igniotion timing incorrect
  -Bad pionts and/or condensors
  -Speed limiter system malfunctioning
Engine Overheats
  -Carburetor set too lean
  -Intake manifold or carburetor leaking
  -Faulty coolant pump
  -Coolant level low
Stoplight not working
  -Bulb burnt out
  -Stoplight switch defective
Lights won't work
  -Bulbs burned out
  -Loose electrical connections
  -Faulty lighting coil  (Also make sure it is not a bad voltage regulator)
Power train and track
Clutch does not engage properly
  -Engine idles too fast
  -Faulty clutch
  -Short drive belt
Clutch engages slowly
  -Faulty clutch
  -Stretched or worn drive belt
Excessive drive belt wear
  -Driving long distances at clutch engagement speed
  -Freezing frozen track with engine
  -Drive and driven clutches misaligned
Rapid track wear
  -Operating on bare ground
  -Track improperly tensioned
Skis and steering
Loose steering
  -Worn tie rod ends
  -Worn spindle bushings
Poor maneuverability
  -Worn ski wear rods
  -Loose steering linkage