Ryan, Reese's, and Ed's John Deere Snowmobiles


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Storage Tips

Here you will find tips on how to store your sled during the summer, and things to do to your sled before taking it out on he first run of the new season.

Placing Snowmobile in Storage
  • Thoroughly clean snowmobile.
  • Polish hood, pan and tunnel with automotive type wax.  Use upholstery cleaner on the seat.  Touch-up all bare metal parts with paint.
  • Check cap screws and components for tighness.
  • Siphon fuel from tank. Start and run engine out of fuel at IDLE SPEED.
  • Replace in-line fuel filter
  • Remove spark plugs and add 1 teaspoon of 2 cycle oil in each cylinder. Pull recoil rope six or seven times to lubricate the cylinder walls.  Replace plugs.
  • Remove drive belt and coat drive and driven sheaves with light grease.
  • Change oil in chaincase
  • Remove crossshafts from suspension and grease.
  • Support snowmobile so track is clear of ground. Loosen track adjusting bolts.
  • Place Cover on snowmobile and store inside.


Removing sled from storage


  • Wipe grease from drive and driven sheaves. Install drive belt.
  • Fill fuel tank and oil tank
  • Check throttle and brake controls for proper adjustment and operation.
  • Adjust track tension
  • Drain a small amount of coolant into a small glass jar and check for color and sediment.  After 2 years or use replace coolant with a new 50-50 solution of antifreeze and water. (liquid Cooled models only)
  • Start engine and test operation of all switches and lights
  • Ride snowmobile at slow speeds until you are sure it is operating properly.