Ryan, Reese's, and Ed's John Deere Snowmobiles


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Jim's 1975 340/S




Ok you asked for it...but they're not pretty. The sled actually looks better
in the pics than it really was. The engine is not bolted down, it's just
sitting there. It has the wrong cooling shroud, no coil mounting bracket and
the wrong fan housing (it doesn't show in the pics, but the fan housing is
about an inch too short), doesn't clear the tops of the cylinders. One of
the skis it totally shot, bent spring and all. And the belly pan is from a
Cyclone and really a hack job. The good news was that the suspension is
complete and in good shape, tunnel is great, and all the little odds and
ends are all there (air box, brake parts, axles cluct etc.). And as I have
just recently discovered the wrong carbs!
 After spending 2 days digging through the biggest pile of engine fan
housings you've ever seen I finally discovered that the fan housing from the
reed valve engines in the cyclone fits (identical dimensions). I found a
tank cover to use as a pattern (thanks to Ron Sonnek, along with loads of
advice and info) and cooling shroud thanks to Ted Winter, and a coil bracket
thanks to Andy (at Andy's John Deere Snowmobile site). We lucked out and
found a restorable hood at a local sled wreckers (same place as the fan
housing). And I have just located a replacement belly pan ( from a
liquidator, which is virtually identical too a Cyclone pan, according to Ron
it was quite common for the 340/s's to end with cyclone pans). We now have
complete sled and I pretty much have the tunnel/pan stripped down and ready
for body work. The engine is complete and ready to get detailed and