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1981 Liquifire Specs



Manufacturer: John Deere "Fireburst

Model: TC 440 A

No. of Cylinders: 2

Bore: 68mm

Stroke: 60mm

Displacement: 436 cc

Fuel System

Carburetor: Mikuni

Carburetor Number: AM55068

Tank Capacity: 8 gals.

Chassis and Body

Tunnel: Aluminum

Pan: Steel and TPR

Hood: Sheet Molding Compound

Windshield: Polycarbonate

Overall Length: 102 in.

Overall Width: 39 in.

Overall Height: 35 in.

Weight: 404 lbs.

Track and Suspension

Suspension: Slide

Track Material: Molded Rubber

Track Width: 15 in.

Power Train

Transmission: 2 Sheave Variable

Primary: John Deere (Comet)

Model: 102C (Comet)

Secondary: John Deere

Final Drive Ratio: 1:59:1

Brake: Mechanical Disk

Drive Belt: M68416

Electrical System

Spark Plug Champion: N-2, or QN-2

Spark Plug Gap: 0.025 in.

Timing: 16 Degrees BTDC with engine running at 6500 rpms

Lighting Coil Capacity: 120 Watts